Who Should Pay For Healthcare?

A single payer healthcare system is perhaps one of the most heated topics of debate in the United States. Statistically, we spend more money per person on healthcare than nations WITH single payer healthcare system. In other words, we pay more money for less accessibility.

Now, the kneejerk reaction most folks (and left leaning people) have to this is “Wow, that’s outrageous! We need to just have a single government funded healthcare system! We can all have the healthcare we deserve in a first world country!”

Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. Approaching the issue from a matter of principle, many people would simply rather pay for their own healthcare instead of paying into an umbrella system. Why you might ask? Well, not everyone trusts the government’s ability to manage their tax revenue.

Also, not everyone finds it fair to have to pay for other people’s health problems.

Joseph abused drugs and alcohol all his life. His organs are failing and needs to be placed on life support. Should Raymond, an individual who took the time to practice personal responsibility, have to burden the cost? Of course not.

Henry enjoys street racing. He gets into a bad accident and requires extensive surgery and rehabilitation. Should Marie, a law abiding individual who decided to not voluntarily participate in a dangerous activity, have to burden the cost?

It’s a matter of principle and personal responsibility.

While this argument makes perfect sense on paper, there is a small problem. The healthcare system in the United States is tangled up in various regulations that prevent a free market for healthcare services.

Without a free market, insurance companies and healthcare service providers are left to negotiate pricing behind closed doors – without any input from the public. Obviously, this results in the outrageous pricing you see today which makes a “pay for your own healthcare” approach difficult.

So – why don’t we have just have a free market for healthcare services? Well, like I said, a combination of government regulation and big money interest from the insurance companies has created an impenetrable fortress – so to speak – which results in the system we have today.

Here at Western Blog Daily, we are obviously in favor of a libertarian approach when it comes to healthcare. What I find particularly funny is that the left views us as some sort of evil demon that wants everyone to die. What they do not realize is that many of us would love a functioning single payer system. We would love to live in a utopia where the government responsibility allocates tax dollars and uses it in a fashion which actually benefits its citizens. The difference in thought stems from the fact that we sincerely believe it is not possible for them to do this. History has shown us repeatedly that our government is not capable of executing these programs without completely messing it up. Compound that with all the corruption and self-interest and you will see why libertarians are libertarians.

It’s not possible. We wish it was – but it isn’t.