The Sad State Of Affairs In The Media

A common trend in media is to sensationalize controversial topics for additional views. Duh. I think we all know by this point what “clickbait” means. The issue with this approach is that the truth can often times become diluted to the point where neither party remembers what they were even arguing about.

One of the biggest offenders is the dreaded abortion debate. In the media, it is often touted that conservatives are bible thumping devils looking to control women’s bodies. Conservatives want to ban abortions because they are pro-life and believe they should be able to control whether or not a woman can abort their child, right?

Sure, some people believe this, but trust me when I say this isn’t what drives the political movement. If you haven’t figured out how the real world works yet, I’ll fill you in: no one cares whether or not you have an abortion. No one cares what you do with your life.

So why are conservatives seemingly so against abortions?

The root of the issue, which liberal media so conveniently fails to address, is a combination of money and social responsibility. Conservatives aren’t against groups like Planned Parenthood because God told them abortions are bad – they are against them because they believe it isn’t an issue worthy of federal funding. It’s as simple as that.

Conservatives don’t want to pay for it – and this is a perfectly valid reason. Now, whether or not this approach is practical in a modern society is a different argument – but the fact remains that this is a completely appropriate reason to be against the federal funding of Planned ParenthoodInstead of foolishly having unprotected sex, perhaps use birth control techniques.

Now, this doesn’t account for the various caveats such as rape, but this is more or less the root of the argument. If you made a mistake, we don’t want to have to pay for it. It’s quite simple and even draws many parallels with the concept of free universal healthcare.

So the next time you read a sensitive issue, don’t be so quick to believe what you read. The truth usually makes a little more sense than you might anticipate – and this is true for both sides- not just liberal media. It’s 2016 – the bible doesn’t control politicians. Money does. And if you’re asking us to pay for your personal mistakes, then you better believe there will be some resistance.