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    How Amazon Is Ripping Off Taxpayers

    The United States Postal Service (USPS) is the agency in the American government responsible for delivering mail to its citizens. This independent agency has maintained a rather robust financial outlook throughout the years. Up until 2006, the organization was entirely debt free and even managed to generate a surplus $6 billion dollars between 2001 and […] More

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    How Night Vision Actually Works

    If you’re anything like me, the concept of night vision has been nothing short of mystifying. It harks back to the cartoonish childhood fantasies of being an invisible superhero that can see through walls. Having regrettably advanced to adulthood, I’ve managed to gather up a fair bit of knowledge on the subject which can help […] More

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    Who Should Pay For Healthcare?

    A single payer healthcare system is perhaps one of the most heated topics of debate in the United States. Statistically, we spend more money per person on healthcare than nations WITH single payer healthcare system. In other words, we pay more money for less accessibility. Now, the kneejerk reaction most folks (and left leaning people) have […] More

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    The Sad State Of Affairs In The Media

    A common trend in media is to sensationalize controversial topics for additional views. Duh. I think we all know by this point what “clickbait” means. The issue with this approach is that the truth can often times become diluted to the point where neither party remembers what they were even arguing about. One of the […] More

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    Why Lowering Corporate Tax Is Good For America

    To the uninformed citizen, the notion of lowering corporate tax sounds absurd. Companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Cisco rake in billions of dollars in profit every year. Why in God’s name would you lower their tax rate? We should increase it! The important thing to understand here is despite these impressive earnings and despite […] More